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wodFTPServer ActiveX Component and COM object

3.4.1 November 19, 2020
* Binaries now compiled in VS2019
* New key signature algorithms rsa-sha2-256,rsa-sha2-512

3.4.0 July 18, 2019
* ECDSA publickey authentication fix

3.3.9 January 15, 2018
* Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2n

3.3.8 April 24, 2017
* Fixed access violation when connection was made from Paessler PRTG client

3.3.7 February 7, 2017
* Fix in UseNTAuthentication that failed if non-english characters
	were used in login or password

3.3.6 February 9, 2016
* Fix in FTP protocol when large directory listing was requested
	by the client, and component stopped responding
	until listing completed

3.3.5 January 13, 2016
* Fixed access violation errors when FTP and Threads were used

3.3.4 December 19, 2015
* KeyExchangeList property

3.3.3 October 28, 2015
* EncryptionList and HMacList properties added
* Support for Elliptic curve cryptography
* Key exchange algorithms ecdh-sha2-nistp256,ecdh-sha2-nistp384,ecdh-sha2-nistp521
* Signature algorithms ecdsa-sha2-nistp256,ecdsa-sha2-nistp384,ecdsa-sha2-nistp521
* MAC algorithms hmac-sha2-256,hmac-sha2-512

3.3.2 August 11, 2015
* New SecureProtocols enumeration values ProtTLS10, ProtTLS11, and ProtTLS12
	for TLS 1.0, TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 support

3.3.1 March 26, 2015
* Fix in SFTP uploads that ignores MaxTransferRate setting

3.3.0 January 5, 2015
* New property FileLocking that defines if files are locked during transfers

3.2.6 November 2, 2014
* Fixed access violation crash in SFTP protocol when double slash was used

3.2.5 October 23, 2014
* New property Secure, to define which secure protocol to use with FTPS/FTPSImplicit. You 
	can force TLS1 using this property
3.2.4 May 2, 2014
* Fix in SFTP protocol where SSH_FXF_EXCL flag was not handled properly when opening file

3.2.3 October 13, 2013
* Fix in SSL, when whole certificate chain (if exists) was sent
	only to first client

3.2.2 January 22, 2013
* Fixed vulnerability reported at

3.2.1 September 19, 2012
* Fixed multithreaded FIPS usage

3.2.0 June 5, 2012
* FIPS property added to allow FIPS to be used as external 
	(validated) DLL

3.1.6 January 24, 2012
* Fix in REST command that could cause wodFTPServer to freeze if REST position
	was too large

3.1.5 November 22, 2011
* Fix in x64 version that froze in SFTP when directory listing was requested

3.1.4 October 20, 2011
* Fix when file was locked in Disconnected event, when connection was uncleanly broken

3.1.3 June 16, 2011
* Fix in LoginCertificate event. User.Certificate now contains reference to same
	certificate as in the event. It was empty before.
* Multiple fixes in relative paths calculations in NLST command

3.1.2 February 10, 2011
* Data socket in non-passive mode now forces same adapter as control socket

3.1.1 January 18, 2011
* IPv6 support, UseIPv6 property

3.0.7 September 2, 2010
* Fixed memory leak in SFTP protocol and public key authentication

3.0.6 July 20, 2010
* Support for aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr encryption algorithms
	in SFTP protocol

3.0.5 April 13, 2010
* Fixed access violation problem when large number of virtual files or
	folders were created

3.0.4 March 14, 2010
* Fix in FTP(S) protocol, if file uploads fails to start, empty "leftover" 
	file is now deleted

3.0.3 January 23, 2010
* Distribution now contains x86 and x64 binaries

3.0.2 November 25, 2009
* New property StrictDataIP to restrict PORT command to valid IP address

3.0.1 November 11, 2009
* Binaries are from now on recompiled in VS 2008
* New event TransferStatus where you can return error to the client if
	your local file tests fail

3.0.0 October 20, 2009
* UTF8 support in all protocols
* CLNT and OPTS UTF8 support in FTP(S)
* MLSD and MLST directory format is returned on request
* SFTP version 4 implemented

2.4.5 September 10, 2009
* Fixes potential bugs in wodFTPServer that could lead to 
	denial of service. Thanks to researchers working
	at Orange Labs for exploring those vulnerabilities

2.4.4 March 2, 2009
* Fixes possible data-connection freezing problem, when component
	freezes on PASV command

2.4.3 February 10, 2009
* Fix in showing and changing dates over 2039, would cause component
	to generate access violation error
* Updated OpenSSL to latest 0.9.8j
* Removed requirement for MSVCRT.DLL library

2.4.2 January 12, 2009
* Fixes possible buffer overflow problem

2.4.1 December 16, 2008
* Year was not shown correctly in directory listings

2.4.0 September 29, 2008
* Random number initialization replaced with MS CryptoAPI implementation. 
	This will fix 'freeze of first run' problem.

2.3.9 June 30, 2008
* Added support from XCRC, XMD5 and XSHA1 commands

2.3.8 May 20, 2008
* Fixed an issue when SIZE command locked access to a file.

2.3.7 April 10, 2008
* Fixed an issue with NT user impersonation that occurred in some cases

2.3.6 January 29, 2008
* Improvements when wodFTPServer is used in multithreaded environment

2.3.5 December 28, 2007
* Add support for multiple file handles in SFTP protocol
* Increased compatibility with SSHFS file system

2.3.4 December 19, 2007
* Fix in SFTP protocol, key-reexchange wasn't perform correctly after 
	arround 1GB of transferred data

2.3.3 December 11, 2007
* LIST command in FTP(S) protocol now supports arguments and wildcards. Supported
	arguments are sort related - rtSX

2.3.2 April 14, 2007
* Fix in nonpassive FTP protocol when client issued PORT command with 3 digit
	values describing IP address - caused wodFTPServer to misinterpret the IP

2.3.1 March 12, 2007
* Add BindIPType and PasvPort properties

2.3.0 February 10, 2007
* Switched to OpenSSL 0.9.7 which is FIPS140-2 certificated. See certificate #733 at

2.2.5 November 27, 2006
* Add support for virtual files (through VirtualFile object
	and VirtualFiles collection)

2.2.4 November 7, 2006
* Fix in PWD command that always returned lowercase result

2.2.3 October 22, 2006
* Fix in NT Authentication that didn't set user's homedir correctly

2.2.2 October 4, 2006
* Fix in SFTP protocol that caused Solaris 9 SFTP client to freeze

2.2.1 February 6, 2006
* Encryption property added. Now you can force specific encryption algorithm

2.2.0 January 12, 2006
* Fix in FTPS protocol where directory listing could cause client to freeze
	and/or timeout

2.1.9 September 6, 2005
* Fix in MinDataPort/MaxDataPort property. If provided value for these
	properties were above 32767, wodFTPServer would respond to 
	PASV command with negative numbers in response

2.1.8 August 22, 2005
* Fixed small bug that caused Vandyke SecureFx fail to connect
	(or any other client that tried to use AES256-CBC)
* FTPS protocol fix in data connection that didn't work with some clients
	such as FileZilla

2.1.7 May 5, 2005
* Added MinDataPort and MaxDataPort properties for passive data connections

2.1.6 April 16, 2005
* Fixes bug that could lead to a crash if property Threads = True, 
	and client connects and disconnects at a high speed

2.1.5 March 15, 2005
* Fix in reply to PORT command (in FTP protocol) which caused wodFTPServer
	to open data connection too soon. Some clients didn't like that
* Fix in APPE command that misinterpreted relative path if it contained
	subdirectories (was missing one slash between subfolder and a name)

2.1.4 December 14, 2004
* Fix problem with WinSCP in SFTP protocol that reported errors after
	directory creation

2.1.3 November 30, 2004
* Add compression support (ZLIB) through MODE Z command
* Add User.LastAction property to be used when your programming environment 
	doesn't dispatch changed argument value back to wodFTPServer
	(such as Action argument in Connected event, when Delphi 6 is used)

2.1.2 November 12, 2004
* Fix in idle Timeouts that occurred during file transfer even user was busy
	uploading or downloading
2.1.1 October 24, 2004
* Adds workaround for CuteFTP bug when double slash // was sometimes used as
	directory separator (instead of single slash)
* Fix in SFTP protocol when OpenSSH client tried to download file and file
	transfer stopped at first few kb
* Changed version numbering. Last part of version now removed as build number

---- old version numbering October 19, 2004
* Fix memory leak in SFTP protocol July 20, 2004
* Fix of several thread related errors that could lead to crash
* Add ServerName property for SFTP protocol identification
* Add MyIP property for the User object June 21, 2004
* Add User.AbortTransfer method, so that server can stop any ongoing transfer 
	("426 Connection closed; transfer aborted" returned to the client) June 4, 2004
* wodKeys updated to support NET XML structure for saving/loading keys, 
	added FromXmlString and ToXmlString methods
* Add threading support in FTP/FTPS protocols for data channel
* Add FTPServer.Threads and User.Threads property
* Fix 60000 error that could often occur in FTPS protocol when network
	speed was slower, while establishing data connection May 18, 2004
* Fix in FTP/FTPS protocols when component froze if directory listing was
	requested was called after data connection was aborted by the client
* Behavior change: hidden files are not returned anymore in directory
	listing, unless 'a' switch was used (same as on UNIX servers) April 12, 2004
* Fix in FTP(S) protocol in PASV mode when there was a resource leak - 
	socket handle was not closed on each file transfer March 29, 2004
* When UseNTAuthentication is set, files are opened/created using
	credentials security credentials of the user who was authenticated
* Fix in FTPS protocol when certificate was used from windows store, and 
	client reported failure to negotiate SSL encryption
* Add support for SFTP protocol to use private keys (certificates) from
	windows store as server host key March 21, 2004
* Add FileTransferData event and MonitorTransfers property - now
	you can alter contents of files being transferred
* Fix in SFTP protocol when client was disconnected for invalid
	packet signatures February 20, 2004
* Add CryptoInformation event
* Fix in FTP-SSL protocol when there were errors establishing data 
	connection with some clients January 22, 2004
* Fix in FTP protocol and passive transfer mode when clients could
	not establish data connection
* wodCertificate can now load certificates and keys from PKCS12 PFX files January 19, 2004
* Fix in SFTP protocol when client tried to change accesstime and
	modificationtime, and wodFTPServer ignored the request January 2, 2004
* Fix in SFTP protocol when client was setting attributes, and wodFTPServer
	replied with end-of-file errors with no valid reason November 28, 2003
* Add User.BufferSize property November 22, 2003
* Behavior change, now SYST command reports UNIX/Windows depending on 
	value of DirFormat property
* Behavior change, now SIZE commands causes ListDir (with size command's
	argument as parameter in ListDir) instead of DownloadFile event
	(there will be no more DownloadFile "ghost" events fired) November 17, 2003
* Add VirtualFolder.Visibility property to prevent recursive paths
* Add User.FilesDownload, User.FilesUpload, User.TransferFilename and
	User.ResolvePath properties/methods
* Behavior change: now state is not changed from Uploading/Downloading 
	to Connected until after TransferComplete event is fired, 
	so you can test User.State to determine if file was 
	being uploaded or downloaded
* Fix of small memory leak November 14, 2003
* Add ListDirData event and notification method
* Add DirFormat property and DirFormats enumeration
* Fix in FTP protocol for hung that was experienced with FlashFXP client
* Fix in directory listings and dates which always had current year set October 31, 2003
* Minor changes in firing events where RelativePath was invalid
* Add property pages in OCX control October 23, 2003
* Add compression in SFTP protocol
* Fix in User.Disconnect method that could cause crash
* Fix in MakeDir event where RelativePath was incorrect October 17, 2003
* Fix in Virtual folders and CDUP command October 11, 2003
* VirtualFolders support

------------------------------------------------------------------------- October 1, 2003
* Fix in DeleteFile and Rename events when RelativePath didn't show
	correct path, in FTP protocol September 26, 2003
* Fix in directory changing - now wodFTPServer does not change your 
	application's directory when client changes his path
* Add SilentDeny and SilentAllow Actions for events - to be 
	used only with FTP and FTP+SSL protocols September 18, 2003
* Fix for crash in FTP protocol when command arguments were longer than
	maximum allowed (arround MAX_PATH=260 characters) August 22, 2003
* LIST command now supports arguments (including wildcards) August 13, 2003
* Fix in SFTP protocol when uploading using some clients and upload stops
	after approx. 8mb August 11, 2003
* Fix where DownloadFile event was fired during upload in SFTP protocol July 5, 2003
* Fix in Rename events where RelativePath was sometimes incorrect
	(missing / separator)
* Fix in Command event where empty CmdLine did not cause wodFTPServer
	to ignore the command June 20, 2003
* Add Fast Notifications support - 30 times faster than firing events
	(only for COM object, not ActiveX control or Win32DLL)
* Add Notification property
* Add sample that implement new IwodFTPDNotify interface
* Updated docs to reflect wodFTPServer improvements
* Fix in Rename method in SFTP protocol when 'Bad Message' error was returned
* Fix in Rename event where ResolvedPath was empty June 1, 2003
* Fix in uploads to the server when last few kb were cut off
	- due to low setting in MaxTransferRate property
* Add VC samples
* Fix problem in FTPS protocol when wodFtpServer did not 
	fallback properly to FTP May 28, 2003
* Add MaxTransferRate property to define maximum bandwidth that 
	client can use
* Fix BytesUpload and BytesDownload properties which
	weren't updated May 20, 2003
* Fix in SFTP protocol where LoginCertificate did not fire May 9, 2003
* Fix in SFTP protocol where any public key allowed login
* Fix in FTP protocol where dates were sometimes invalid
* Fix in Rename where remote file was moved to parent folder, 
	and slash was added to the name April 19, 2003
* Fix for Disconnected event which did not fire March 28, 2003
* Fix for FTPS protocol when data channel was not successfully
	connected March 21, 2003
* Add TransferComplete event
* Fix for incomplete file uploads that happened rarely 
	with FTP protocol
* Fix for incorrect timer trigger on FTP data connection March 18, 2003 
* Initial version