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wodSmtp Object

This is main SMTP client object.

AboutShows aboutbox
CheckEmailAddressTries to send message to test remote email.
ConnectConnects to the SMTP server.
CreateFromHtmlCreates new text/html message from saved HTML file.
CreateSimpleCreates simple message.
CreateSimpleAttachmentCreates simple message with attachment.
CreateTextHtmlCreates multipart message.
CreateTextHtmlAttachmentCreates multipart message with attachment.
DisconnectDisconnects from the server.
QueryDNSSends query to DNS server for the address.
ResetResets state on the server.
SendCommandSends command to the server.
SendFromHtmlSends new text/html message from saved HTML file.
SendMessageSends email message to the server.
SendSimpleCreates and sends simple message.
SendSimpleAttachmentCreates and sends simple message with attachment.
SendTextHtmlCreates and sends multipart message.
SendTextHtmlAttachmentCreates and sends multipart message with attachment.
AuthenticationDetermines authentication type with the server.
BlockingDetermines if methods are blocking.
CertificateHolds private certificate/private key information.
CharSetCharacter set to use for text conversion.
DNSHostnameHolds hostname of DNS server.
HostnameHolds hostname of SMTP server (Smarthost).
LastErrorHolds last error that occurred.
LastErrorTextHolds text description of the last error.
LoginHolds login for SMTP authentication.
MailFromHolds sender of the message.
MailToHolds recipient of the message.
MessageHolds reference to the message.
MyHostnameHolds hostname of local computer.
MyIPHolds IP address of local computer.
NotificationFast notifications interface.
PasswordHolds password for SMTP authentication.
PortHolds port on SMTP server.
ProxyHostnameHostname of remote proxy.
ProxyLoginLogin/Username for remote proxy.
ProxyPasswordPassword for remote proxy.
ProxyPortPort on remote proxy.
ProxyTypeType of proxy used.
RequestReceiptDetermines if delivery/read receipt is requested from the server.
RetryCountDetermines how many times wodSmtp should retry if delivery fails.
RetryWaitDetermines how many seconds to wait between each delivery.
SecurityDetermines if SSL is used.
StateHolds current state.
StateTextReturns text description of the state.
TagTag for miscellaneous use.
TimeoutHolds timeout value in seconds.
TranscriptHolds transcript of last session.
UseIPv6Determines if IPv6 protocol is used.
VersionHolds version information.
ConnectedFires when wodSmtp connects to the server.
ConnectingFires when wodSmtp tries to connect to the server.
DisconnectedFires when wodSmtp disconnects from the server.
DNSResponseFires when DNS query returns.
DoneFires when message is sent.
EhloResponseFires when remote server sends response to HELO/EHLO command.
HostCertificateFires when remote server provides its certificate.
ProgressFires during message sending.
StateChangeFires when wodSmtp's state changes.