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wodHttpDLX object

wodHttpDLX Class

AbortAborts current request.
AboutConnects to remote server.
ConnectConnects to remote server.
CustomDefines your own HTTP method.
DeleteDeletes resource from remote server.
DisconnectDisconnects from remote server.
GetGets resource from remote server.
HeadGets resource headers from remote server.
PostPosts information on remote server.
PutSends resource to remote server.
StateStringShows friendly string of a state.
TraceInitiates loopback trace on remote server.
AuthenticationDetermines type of authentication with the web server.
AutoRedirectAutomatically follows redirections.
BindIPBinds specific interface for outgoing connections.
BlockingSelects blocking mode.
CertErrorsReturns list of certificate errors.
CertificateHolds local certificate to be used for authentication.
CompressionDetermines if compression is enabled.
HostnameHostname of remote server.
HTTPversionVersion of HTTP protocol that is sent to server.
IgnoreCertErrorsDetermines if certificate errors are ignored.
KeepAliveShould wodHttpDLX send KeepAlive on remote server.
LastErrorLast error that occured on wodHttpDLX.
LastErrorTextFriendly text string of last error.
LocalCertBagSpecifies file with additional certificates.
LoginLogin/Username for web server authentication.
MyHostnameHolds local computer name.
MyIPHolds local IP address.
NotificationFast notification interface to use instead of events.
PasswordPassword for web server authentication.
PortPort on remote server.
ProxyAuthenticationDetermines type of authentication with the proxy server.
ProxyHostnameHostname of remote proxy.
ProxyLoginLogin/Username for remote proxy.
ProxyPasswordPassword for remote proxy.
ProxyPortPort on remote proxy.
ProxyTypeType of proxy used.
RequestReference to Request object.
ResponseReference to Response object.
SecureDetermines if SSL/TLS communication is used.
SocketReturns SOCKET handle.
SSLCipherListDetermines list of encryption algorithms in HTTPS protocol supported and offered by wodHttpDLX.
StateCurrent state of wodHttpDLX component.
TimeoutSeconds before disconnected due to being idle.
URLUniversal resource locator - full path of resource.
UseIPv6Determines if IPv6 addresses are allowed.
VersionVersion string.
ClientCertRequiredFires when server requires client certificate.
ConnectedFires when wodHttpDLX connects to the server.
DisconnectedFires when wodHttpDLX disconnects from the server.
DoneFires when wodHttpDLX completes request.
HeadersDoneFires when wodHttpDLX finishes receiving headers.
HostCertificateFires when remote server provides its certificate.
ProgressFires during data download/upload.
Progress64Fires during data download/upload.
RedirectFires when server redirects us to new URL.
StateChangeFires when wodHttpDLX changes its state.