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wodTelnetDLX Object

AbortTransferAborts current file transfer.
AboutDisplays about box.
ClearClears terminal window.
ConnectConnects to remote server.
DisconnectDisconnects from remote server.
ExecuteExecutes blocking method and waits until completed.
PeekReceives incoming data without removing it from the buffer.
PeekLineReceives incoming line without removing it from the buffer.
PlayPlay previously recorded session.
PrintTextPrints text in the terminal window.
ReceiveReceives data from server.
ReceiveByteReceives byte of data, if available
ReceiveFileReceives file using specified protocol (ZMODEM).
ReceiveLineReceives line of text, if available
RecordStart recording current session.
SelectRectSelects rectangle of text.
SendSends data to server.
SendByteSends byte to server.
SendFileSends file using specified protocol (ZMODEM).
SendSpecialSends special key to the server, depending on emulation.
WaitForWaits and reads data until pattern is found.
AuthenticationDetermines which authentication type is used.
AutoSizeDetermines whether a control is automatically resized to display its entire contents.
BackColorDetermines the background color of the wodTelnetDLX.
BackLogDetermines size of backlog buffer.
BindIPIP address of interface to use for outgoing connections.
BindPortPort to bind for outgoing connections.
BlockingDetermines if methods are blocking.
BorderVisibleReturns or sets whether the control is displayed with a border.
CertificateHolds local certificate to be used for authentication.
CharEncodingDetermines which character encoding is used when displaying data.
ColumnDetermines current column where cursor is located.
ColumnsDetermines number of columns shown in the terminal window.
ColWidthReturns width of the each column, in pixels.
CommandSpecifies command to be sent to server upon connection.
ContextMenuHolds HMENU handle to context menu.
CursorHeightDetermines height of the cursor.
DataOutHolds total numbers of bytes waiting to leave local side.
DataReadyHolds total numbers of bytes waiting to be received by your application.
EnabledReturns or sets a value that determines whether a form or control can respond to user-generated events.
ErrorTextReturns string explanation of error that occured.
ExitSignalHolds exit signal from SSH connection.
ExitStatusHolds exit status from SSH connection.
FontReturns a Font object.
ForeColorReturns or sets the foreground color used to display text and graphics in an object.
HandleSysKeysDetermines whether a control is handling system keys (such as ALT+F4).
HostnameDetermines Hostname of remote server.
hWndHandle of control's window.
KeepAlivesDefines number of seconds of inactivity before KeepAlive ignore packets are sent.
LanguageDetermines language for error messages.
LastErrorReturns last error that occured.
LocalCertBagSpecifies file with additional certificates.
LoginDetermines username/login to be used with server.
MousePointerReturns or sets a value indicating the type of mouse pointer displayed when the mouse is over a particular part of an object at run time.
MouseWheelDetermines if mouse wheel is supported.
MyHostnameHolds hostname of local computer.
MyIPHolds IP address of local computer.
NotificationFast notification interface to use instead of events.
PasswordDetermines password to be used with server.
PictureReturns or sets a graphic to be displayed in a control.
PortDetermines port on remote server.
PromptHolds command prompt string to expect from server.
ProtocolDetermines protocol to use for connection.
ProxyHostnameSpecifies the hostname of proxy to use.
ProxyLoginSpecifies the login/username to use when connecting to proxy server.
ProxyPasswordSpecifies the password to use when connecting to proxy server.
ProxyPortSpecifies the port to use for proxy server.
ProxyTypeSpecifies the type of proxy to use.
RecordModeDetermines what is being saved when Record is issued.
RemoteIdentificationHolds remote identification string.
RowDetermines current row where cursor is located.
RowHeightReturns height of the each row, in pixels.
RowsDetermines number of rows shown in the terminal window.
ScrollBarsReturns or sets a value indicating whether an object has horizontal or vertical scroll bars.
ScrollXDetermines position of horizontal scroll bar.
ScrollYDetermines position of vertical scroll bar.
SecureMethodDetermines secure method used for SSL.
SelectedTextReturns line(s) of text from terminal screen that are currently selected.
ShowCursorDetermines if cursor is shown.
SocketReturns SOCKET handle.
SpecialKeyFocusDetermines if special (function) keys are processed by wodTelnetDLX.
StateHolds current state information.
StateTextProvides string expression of a state.
StripANSIAutomatically removes ANSI codes from received data.
StripColorsRemoves color attributes from received content.
TabStopReturns or sets a value indicating whether a user can use the TAB key to give the focus to an object.
TelnetOptionSpecifies telnet negotiation options.
TerminalEmulationDetermines local terminal emulation.
TerminalTypeSelects terminal type that is reported to the server.
TextReturns line(s) of text from terminal screen.
TimeoutTimeout value, in seconds.
TranslateSpecialTranslates special key to byte squence.
UseIPv6Determines if IPv6 addresses are allowed.
VersionHolds version information.
ClearTerminalFires when clear terminal command is received from the server.
ClickFires when user clicks on wodTelnetDLX window.
ConnectedFires when wodTelnetDLX connects to remote server.
DisconnectedFires when wodTelnetDLX disconnects from server.
HostCertificateFires when remote server provides its certificate.
HostFingerprintFires when remote server provides public key fingerprint information.
KeyPressFires when regular key is pressed.
KeyPressSpecialFires when special key is pressed.
MenuClickFires when user right-clicks on a menu item.
MiddleClickFires when user performs middle button click on wodTelnetDLX window.
PrintDataFires when application has data to print.
PrintEndFires when application wants to end printing data.
PrintStartFires when application wants to start printing data.
PromptReceivedFires when command prompt string is received.
ReceivedFires when there is data to be received.
RightClickFires when user right-click on wodTelnetDLX window.
SelectionChangeFires when selection changes.
StateChangeFires when wodTelnetDLX changes its state.
TransferEndFires when file transfer ends.
TransferProgressFires during file transfer.
TransferStartFires when file transfer starts.