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wodSFTP Class

MethodswodSFTP Class
AbortAborts the current method.
AboutDisplays the About box.
AppendDataAppends data from a string variable to a remote file.
AppendFileAppends to a remote file.
ConnectConnects to the remote server.
DeleteFileDeletes file on the server.
DeleteFilesDelete multiple files in a sequence, recursive.
DisconnectDisconnects from the remote server.
ExtendedCmdSends extended command to the server.
GetAttributesRetrieves file or folder attributes.
GetDataRetrieves contents of remote file to string variable.
GetDataAtRetrieves the contents of part of the remote file to a string variable.
GetFileReceives data from the server.
GetFileAtReceives part of a file from the server.
GetFilesDownloads multiple files in a sequence, recursive.
ListAttributesLists the contents of a directory as a structure.
ListDirLists the contents of a directory on the server.
ListNamesLists file and folder names in a directory on the server.
LoopFilesLoops through multiple files in a sequence, recursive, giving their names.
MakeDirCreates a directory on the server.
PutDataStores data from a string variable to a remote file.
PutDataAtSends data from a string variable to the server, at a specified file position.
PutFileSends file to the server.
PutFileAtSends part of the file to the server.
PutFilesUploads multiple files in a sequence, recursive.
RealPathRetrieves real path for the symbolic link.
RemoteCloseCloses remote file.
RemoteOpenOpens remote file for raw access.
RemoteReadReads from remote file.
RemoteWriteWrites to remote file.
RemoveDirRemoves a directory from the server.
RenameRenames a file or directory on the server.
SetAttributesSets attributes for a file or folder.
SetAttributes64Sets attributes for a file or folder.
AuthenticationDetermines which authentication type is used.
BlockingDetermines if methods are blocking.
BufferSizeDetermines size of incoming and outgoing buffers.
ClientNameDetermines client name that will be used with the server during initial exchange.
CompressionDetermines the level of compression used.
EncryptionDetermines encryption algorithm to be used with SFTP.
EncryptionListDetermines list of encryption algorithms supported and offered by wodSFTP.
ErrorTextProvides a string representation of an error.
ExtensionsHolds list of extensions supported by the server.
FingerPrintReturns fingerprint of the host's key.
FIPSSpecifies FIPS enabled libeay32.dll to load.
HMacListDetermines list of digest algorithms supported and offered by wodSFTP.
HostnameDetermines the Hostname of the remote server.
KeepAlivesDefines number of seconds of inactivity before KeepAlive ignore packets are sent.
KeyExchangeListDetermines list of key exchange algorithms supported and offered by wodSFTP.
KeySignatureListDetermines list of server key signature algorithms supported and offered by wodSFTP.
LastErrorHolds the last error returned by the method.
ListItemHolds the value of the last ListItems and Attributes event.
LocalPathHolds the name of the local path used for transferring.
LoginDetermines the username/login to be used with server.
MaxTransferRateDetermines maximum upload/download speed.
MyHostnameHolds the hostname of the local computer.
MyIPHolds the IP address of the local computer.
NotificationFast notification interface to use instead of events.
PasswordDetermines the password to be used with the server.
PortDetermines the port on the remote server.
PrivateKeyThe Private key used for authentication.
ProxyHostnameSpecifies the hostname of the proxy to use.
ProxyLoginSpecifies the login/username to use when connecting to a proxy server.
ProxyPasswordSpecifies the password to use when connecting to a proxy server.
ProxyPortSpecifies the port to use when connecting to a proxy server.
ProxyTypeSpecifies the type of proxy to use.
RemoteIdentificationHolds the remote identification string.
RemotePathHolds name of the path on the server used for transferring.
ResumeDetermines if wodSFTP will resume file transfers.
ServerErrorCodeHolds the error code returned by the server.
ServerErrorTextHolds error text returned by the server.
StateHolds current state information.
StateTextProvides a string describing a state.
TimeoutTimeout value, in seconds.
TimezoneDetermines if dates are shown in Local or UTC time zone.
TransferModeDetermines if transfers are Binary or ASCII.
TransferRateReturns average speed of the file transfer.
TransferTimeReturns time needed to transfer current or previous file.
UseIPv6Determines if IPv6 addresses are allowed.
VersionHolds version information.
AttributesFires when wodSFTP retrieves file or directory attributes.
Attributes64Fires when wodSFTP retrieves file or directory attributes.
AttributesDataFires when wodSFTP retrieves directory attributes.
ConnectedFires when wodSFTP connects to the remote server.
CryptoInformationFires before wodSFTP establishes an encrypted connection with the server.
DisconnectedFires when wodSFTP disconnects from the server.
DoneFires when wodSFTP finishes a method.
ExtendedCmdReplyFires after wodSFTP receives reply on ExtendedCmd.
HostFingerprintFires when the remote server provides public key fingerprint information.
ListItemsFires when server returns information about a file or directory.
LoginChallengeFires when the server requests the response to a login challenge.
LoopErrorFires after wodSFTP performs operation on item and error occurs.
LoopItemFires before wodSFTP performs operation on file from the GetFiles/PutFiles/DeleteFiles/LoopFiles sequence.
ProgressFires during file send/receive operations.
Progress64Fires during file send/receive operations.
RemoteDataFires after wodSFTP has some data to be provided as result of RemoteRead command.
StateChangeFires when wodSFTP changes its state.