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wodSSH Object

Main wodSSH object.

AboutDisplays the About box.
ConnectConnects to the remote server.
DisconnectDisconnects from the remote server.
ExecuteExecutes a blocking method and waits for it to complete.
PeekReceives incoming data without removing it from the buffer.
PeekLineReceives an incoming line without removing it from the buffer.
ReceiveReceives data from the server.
ReceiveLineReceives a line of text, if available.
SendSends data to the server.
SendBreakSends BREAK command to the server.
SendEOFSend an EOF packet to the server.
WaitForWaits and reads data until a specific pattern is found.
AllocatePtyDetermines if a pseudo terminal is allocated.
AuthenticationDetermines which authentication type is to be used.
BlockingDetermines if methods are blocking.
ClientNameDetermines client name that will be used with the server during initial exchange.
ColumnsSelects the number of columns reported to the server.
CommandSpecifies the command to be sent to server upon connection.
CompressionDetermines the level of compression used.
DataOutHolds total numbers of bytes waiting to leave local side.
DataReadyHolds the total numbers of bytes waiting to be received by your application.
EncodingCharacter set to use for text conversion.
EncryptionDetermines the encryption algorithm to be used with SSH.
EncryptionListDetermines list of encryption algorithms supported and offered by wodSSH.
ErrorTextProvides a string representation of an error.
ExitSignalHolds exit signal from SSH connection.
ExitStatusHolds exit status from SSH connection.
FIPSSpecifies FIPS enabled libeay32.dll to load.
ForwardHostDetermines the hostname that data will be forwarded to with SSH tunneling.
ForwardPortDetermines if wodSSH will only forward data to remote port.
HMacListDetermines list of digest algorithms supported and offered by wodSSH.
HostnameDetermines the Hostname of the remote server.
KeepAlivesDefines number of seconds of inactivity before KeepAlive ignore packets are sent.
KeyExchangeListDetermines list of key exchange algorithms supported and offered by wodSSH.
KeyForwardDetermines if key forwarding is enabled.
KeySignatureListDetermines list of server key signature algorithms supported and offered by wodSSH.
LastErrorHolds the last error returned by the method.
LoginDetermines the username/login to be used with the server.
MyHostnameHolds the hostname of the local computer.
MyIPHolds the IP address of the local computer.
NotificationFast notification interface to use instead of events.
PasswordDetermines the password to be used with the server.
PortDetermines the port on the remote server.
PrivateKeyPrivate key used for authentication.
PromptHolds the command prompt string to expect from the server.
ProtocolDetermines the protocol to use for connection.
ProxyHostnameSpecifies the hostname of the proxy to use.
ProxyLoginSpecifies the login/username to use when connecting to a proxy server.
ProxyPasswordSpecifies the password to use when connecting to a proxy server.
ProxyPortSpecifies the port to use when connecting to a proxy server.
ProxyTypeSpecifies the type of proxy to use.
RemoteIdentificationHolds the remote identification string.
RowsSelects the number of rows reported to the server.
ShowStdErrorMessagesDetermines if server's STDERR messages are received.
StateHolds the current state information.
StateTextProvides the string expression of a state.
StripANSIAutomatically removes ANSI codes from received data.
StripNullAutomatically removes NULL characters from received data.
SubsystemSpecifies the subsystem to be started upon connection.
TerminalSpeedSelects the terminal speed that is reported to the server.
TerminalTypeSelects the terminal type that is reported to the server.
TimeoutTimeout value, in seconds.
UseIPv6Determines if IPv6 addresses are allowed.
VersionHolds version information.
BannerFires when remote server provides banner text.
ConnectedFires when wodSSH connects to the remote server.
CryptoInformationFires when wodSSH provides information about the selected algorithm.
DisconnectedFires when wodSSH disconnects from the server.
HostFingerprintFires when the remote server provides public key fingerprint information.
LoginChallengeFires when remote server requires keyboard-interactive authentication.
PromptReceivedFires when the command prompt string is received.
ReceivedFires when there is data to be received.
StateChangeFires when wodSSH changes its state.