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Technical information



wodKeys is a COM object (wodKeys.dll), designed to be initialized dynamically from your code, and declared from within your code. It does not have user interface, it is windowless. Usually, you will initialize it with
   Dim Key1 as Keys

COM Object information
Filename wodKeys.DLL
Class name WeOnlyDo.Keys.1
Class ID {D7BBDB40-8B0E-46D1-8D36-64828BA5564E}
Events class ID none
Compatibility VB 5.0 and above, VFP 5.0 and above
Built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 C++, OpenSSL
Required DLLs none

Help filename wodKeys.CHM

Distribution note

You are not allowed to distribute wodKeys.dll without accompanying product you have purchased from WeOnlyDo! Software. Please refer to distribution notes of that product.