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Keys Object

Main wodKeys object.

FromXmlStringReconstructs an RSA/DSA key from an XML string.
GenerateGenerate new pair of keys.
LoadLoads keys from the file.
PublicKeyLoadLoads public key from the file.
PublicKeySaveSaves public key a the file.
SaveSaves keys to the file.
ToXmlStringCreates and returns an XML string representation of the current RSA/DSA key.
BitCountDetermines number of bits in the key.
BubbleBabbleReturns BubbleBabble printout of the key, as string expression.
FingerPrintReturns fingerprint of the private key, as string expression.
FingerPrintDataReturns fingerprint of the private key, as byte array.
PrivateKeyHolds private key.
PrivateKeyDataHolds private key - as byte array.
PublicKeyReturns public key.
PublicKeyDataReturns public key - as byte array.
PublicKeyOpenSSHReturns public key in OpenSSH format.
PublicKeyRSA1Returns public key in SSH1 RSA format.
PublicKeySSHReturns public key in SSH format.
VersionHolds component version number.