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wodSSH.dll v2.6.2.52 - included ciphers (wodSSH / wodSSH.NET)

by birchsr, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 14:29 (2508 days ago)

simple question: we are using an older version of the DLL (edit: ancient! i'm pushing my management for an update ...) and i would like to know explicitly what ciphers were supported by it: as the EncryptionList method is not available at that version. I'm having issues with a customer using Solaris 10 : refusing connection with our software due to no matching ciphers, so I need to check the list/compare.

wodSSH.dll v2.6.2.52 - included ciphers

by Jasmine, Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 15:14 (2508 days ago) @ birchsr


we cannot provide list of old ciphers, we can only provide list of currently supported ones.

We have too many products and too many versions to locate them in SVN for specific dates, and I see your version is from 2007. Most probably it was only aes-cbc, blowfish and 3des in those days.