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wodWebServer Object

This is main wodWebServer interface.

AboutDisplays about box.
StartStarts WEB server.
StopStops WEB server.
ActivatedDetermines if WebServer is activated or not.
AllowBrowsingDetermines if folder browsing is allowed.
AuthenticationDetermines if authentication is required to access the server.
AuthenticationTypeDetermines type of authentication supported by the server.
BindIPDetermines local interface address that is listening.
CertificateHolds certificate/private key information.
CompressionDetermines if http protocol compression is enabled.
DocumentRootHolds root path for documents visible to clients.
EncryptionDetermines encryption algorithm to be used.
ISAPIReturns collections of ISAPI filters and extensions.
LanguageDetermines language for error messages.
LocalCertBagSpecifies file with additional certificates.
MyHostnameHolds hostname of local computer.
MyIPHolds IP address of local computer.
NotificationFast notification interface to use instead of events.
PortHolds local port where WebServer listens.
SecureDetermines if secure (SSL/TLS) protocol is used.
ServerNameHolds name of the server to be shown to clients.
SessionTimeoutHolds timeout value for sessions, in seconds.
SSLCipherListDetermines list of encryption algorithms in SSL/TLS protocols supported and offered by wodWebServer.
ThreadsDetermines if clients are accepted in separate threads.
TimeoutTimeout value, in seconds.
UseIPv6Determines if wodWebServer uses IPv6 protocol.
UsersHolds reference to collection of currently connected users.
VersionHolds version information.
CGIStartFires when CGI script is ready to be started.
CGIStopFires when CGI finishes its execution.
RequestDoneFires when wodWebServer receives request headers from the user.
RequestHeadersFires when wodWebServer receives request headers from the user.
ResponseDoneFires when wodWebServer completes sending response to the user.
RunScriptFired when script is found inside response body.
SessionExpireFires when session expires.
StateChangeFires when users state changes.
UploadFilenameFires when server needs new name for the file currently being uploaded.
UserAuthenticateFires when user wants to authenticate.
UserConnectedFires when user connects to wodWebServer.
UserDisconnectedFires when user disconnects from wodWebServer.
WebSocketConnectFires when request for WebSocket connection arrives.
WebSocketDataFires when data arrives on WebSocket.