WeOnlyDo! COM SMTP Server ActiveX Control - Introduction wodSmtpServer ActiveX Control - WeOnlyDo! COM SMTP Server ActiveX Control - Introduction
WeOnlyDo! COM (2002-2010)

General information

WeOnlyDo! SmtpServer ActiveX control is a component that can be easily integrated into your applications to provide full relaying Smtp (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server implementation. All you need to do is to put it on VB form, call it's Start method and it's immediately accepting connections by your clients! It fully supports commands defined in RFC2821.

Use your favorite mail client (such as Outlook Express or Eudora) to send mail to other users on your network . How? That's easy part: just put SmtpServer control on your form, add some code around and it's all setup to be used.

If you dislike adding additional code - it's fine by Smtp. It will still work, and accept all emails but delete them immediately after user disconnects. But, if you define real filename on your disk, all the emails will be stored to that file. Still, if you want to make real Smtp server application, look no more for native support for socket related material - you just found it.


How does it work?

wodSmtpServer will deal with clients and connections - you must deal with messages. Once new user connects to your Smtp server, you need to provide some way of storing message posted by user to some file on disk, or just read it from Body property and store manually to, for example, database. This is really easy task. If you keep all the emails in separate files, that's just great for usage with WeOnlyDo! Smtp server. If you prefer to keep it in one large file - we will not argue about it. You can specify filename, make Smtp server Append to that file, and everything will still work just great. As a result, you will have one mailbox for each user just like on UNIX computers.

Together with WeOnlyDo! Pop3 server, you can make powerful fully maintained mail service application that will share emails in your company, receive them from internet and anything else you can imagine. You can even create emails for your employees on the fly. You can make Smtp store to same files from where Pop3 reads them - and it's all built in in WeOnlyDo! Smtp and Pop3 servers.


Multithreading support

You can decide if wodSmtpServer will run single-threaded, or multi-threaded, even in environments that don't support multithreading at all - such as VB. Just set Threads property to desired value, and let users don't interfere with each other anymore. Your SMTP server will run smoothly when set this way.

Integrated authentication

If you want to force users to authenticate, wodSmtpServer has the answer. It supports LOGIN, PLAIN and CRAM-MD5 authentications, either allowed or required. It will internally disallow users to post their messages if you say so. If you're not interested in authentication, just say so! wodSmtpServer will accept all clients in that case.

Relaying support (since version!
We have added support for relaying of messages whose destination is not on your wodSmtpServer. We made it so easy for you.. just as 1..2..3.. One line, like this:

wodSmtpServer1.Relays.Add User.Message

is all you need to forward message to destination SMTP server.

Relaying is not performed by default due to security reasons. As you can see, you can easily decide what messages should be relayed and what shouldn't.


Integrated DNS client services

Since version, wodSmtpServer can also execute DNS queries on your behalf, for MX, A and PTR records - which can help you in various tasks, especially if you want to integrate SPAM checking in received emails.


Support for SSL encryption

Since version, wodSmtpServer supports SSL encryption both for the server and relays. You can specify if SSL encryptionis optional, required, or SmtpServer only accepts already SSL-ed connections (on port 465 usually). We have added wodCertificate component to manage certificates to be used with SSL, for free.

NOTE: In DEMO version you cannot change GreetingMessage property.