WeOnlyDo! COM Pop3 Client ActiveX Control - Introduction
WeOnlyDo! COM (2002-2010)

General information

wodPop3 is a Client ActiveX Component that is used to access mailbox on the server using POP3 protocol. Mail found on the server can be retrieved locally (complete messages, or only headers) and/or can be deleted from the server. Full set of commands for standard operations is supported.



Using wodPop3 you can easily get information about contents of your mailbox. For each message found on the server, wodPop3 will create new Message object in Messages collection, allowing you easily to check the message size and UID (this information is known immediately on connection), and determine if you will download the message or not. For slow connections there is also ability to download only headers.

You can just let wodPop3 download all the email for you - it supports method to download all messages and to download all headers - allowing you to open messages after you disconnect from the server - no need to waste time on open connection.

wodPop3 also have strong support for message parsing - you will be able to access every aspect of downloaded message directly from wodPop3 - without requirements for 3rd party libraries. This includes direct access to HTML and Plaintext parts, From and To fields, Subject etc..



  • Supports both blocking and non-blocking operations
  • Can Automatically retrieve all messages from the server using one command
  • Can Retrieve only headers
  • Supports SSL/TLS using STLS command or implicit connection
  • Decrypts S/MIME encrypted messages, and verifies their signature
  • Provides powerful set of properties that relate to messages - no need for external parsers
  • Events for all major operations
  • Supports UNICODE in message headers
  • Royalty free licensing
  • Ease of use


What makes wodPop3 so much better than....

Not only wodPop3 can do all the job you need for Pop3 mailbox access, but it can do it nicely. It fits with slow connections, because it does not download messages until you say so. However, it automatically performs several tasks thus it eases your burden. For example, as soon as it connects it gets message count for you, and even message UIDs - so you already know which messages are new, and which are old (from your local database, for example). For fast connections, it can download messages at eye blink - so you can do all the job locally.

When you delete the message, there's nothing to worry about order of events. Messages are deleted automatically by wodPop3 when you leave the server - it's sufficient that you mark them for delete. wodPop3 does the rest.

With all of the automation on mind, wodPop3 truly gives you ability to focus on your tasks, and use as little as 5-6 lines of code for Pop3 message retrieval.