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Implements client side operation for FTP, SFTP (FTP over SSH) and FTPS (FTP over SSL) protocols.



wodFtpDLX.NET is a component that supports encrypted and non-encrypted FTP access to the servers for transferring files. It supports old, very common, FTP protocol, but also secured FTP+SSL (FTP+SSL) and SFTP (FTP+SSH). No matter what protocol is selected - it is completely transparent for programming. Same methods and same events apply for all protocols.
Together with the component is included Certificate Management Component, you can deal with certificates with ease - assign certificate to be used for client authentication, check validity of remote certificate, etc..


  • FTP, FTP+SSL with and without encrypted data channel, and SFTP (SSH subsystem) protocols
  • Certificate authentication where available, or privatekey authentication for SFTP protocol
  • Internal parsing of received directory listings - get names, sizes, ownerships etc.. directly from our interface, through DirItems collection
  • Recursive uploads and downloads - copy complete directory structure to/from the server completely automated
  • Both ASCII and Binary transfer modes supported, no matter if server allows them or not
  • ListDir and ListNames methods for directory listing
  • PutFile and GetFile for storing and retrieving files (to file or to stream)
  • Resume support, AppendFile method
  • Passive and Active data connections for FTP and FTPS protocols
  • Blocking mode support
  • Set of events that notify you about method completition
  • Timeout support
  • Large files support > 4.2gb
  • Renaming, creating of directories, deletion of files and directories
  • Proxy support
  • ........ and much more.
wodFtpDLX.NET has no intention on providing deepest protocol specific commands (like ACCT, STOU or whatever). It provides only commands that can apply to all 3 supported protocols. But - when it provides something - it does everything automatically for you. You don't have to think about opening data ports, you don't have to think on sending appropriate commands, setting modes etc.. You need to download file? Call GetFile - that's all. wodFtpDLX.NET will do everything else for you.
wodFtpDLX.NET is royalty free component - distribute it with your product without any requirements for WeOnlyDo! Software.