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wodCrypt Object

Main wodCrypt component class.

AbortAborts the current operation.
AboutShows the wodCrypt about box
DecryptDecrypts the contents of the Blob.
DigestDigests the contents of the Blob.
EncryptEncrypts the contents of the Blob.
HMACCalculates Keyed Hash Message Authentication Code of data in the blob.
SignSigns the contents of the Blob.
SignEXECreates digital signature of the executable
VerifyVerifies signature of the signed Blob.
VerifyEXEVerifies signature of the signed executable.
BlockSizeDefault block size for the selected algorithm.
CompressionDetermines if data is (de)compressed during encryption/decryption.
EncodingSpecifies code page to use for text conversions.
FIPSSpecifies FIPS enabled libeay32.dll to load.
FireEventsDetermines if events will be fired (causes significantly slower operations).
InitVectorHolds the initialization vector for chain-mode encryption.
KeySizeDefault key size for selected algorithm.
ModeDetermines the encryption mode.
OptimizedSpecifies Optimized performance (does not conform to crypto standards).
PaddingDetermines padding data for short blocks.
SecretKeyHolds secret key or certificate for various crypto-related operations.
TypeSelects the algorithm to be used for encryption, decryption, digest, etc...
VersionHolds version information about wodCrypt
DoneFires when component finishes executing a crypto operation.
ProgressFires during crypto operation.
Progress64Fires during crypto operation.


wodCrypt works with the abstract Blob object. All of its methods require that at least one Blob is supplied (that will be encrypted, signed etc..) and they usually put their result into an outgoing Blob that you specify.

You cannot create a Blob by itself - you need to decide if you want to work with a MemBlob, FileBlob or a StreamBlob.