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wodAppUpdate object

wodAppUpdate Class

AboutShows aboutbox.
CancelCancels current download or update.
CheckChecks for new updates.
ClearClears any downloaded files.
DownloadDownloads update from the server.
ResetResets component to initial state.
RestartAppRestarts your application.
UpdateUpdates downloaded files.
AutoRestartDetermines if wodAppUpdate should restart application after update is made.
BlockingDetermines if methods are blocking.
CmdAfterCommand to execute after files are replaced.
CmdBeforeCommand to execute before files are replaced.
CmdLineHolds command line of currently running exe.
DebugFileName of the file where debug data from update process will be saved.
DialogNoteTextHolds text shown at the bottom of the progress dialog.
DialogNoteURLPoints to URL if user clicks on dialog note.
DialogTextHolds text shown on the dialog box.
FilesReturns reference to collection of files available on the server.
ForceRestartDetermines if application restart is forced.
GlobalTerminateDetermines if wodAppUpdate should kill other processes that lock your file.
LoginHolds login information.
MessagesReturns reference to collection of messages available on the server.
NotificationFast notification interface to use instead of events.
PasswordHolds password information.
PrevExistReturns True if files from previous session are found.
ProxyHostnameHostname of remote proxy.
ProxyLoginLogin/Username for remote proxy.
ProxyPasswordPassword for remote proxy.
ProxyPortPort on remote proxy.
ProxyTypeType of proxy used.
ReplaceRuleDetermines file replace rules.
RequireAdminDetermines if admin privileges are required.
ServiceIsRunningReturns True if updater service is running
SignatureDetermines configuration file signature.
StateHolds current state.
StateTextHolds text description of the state.
TimeoutTimeout value, in seconds.
UpdaterNameHolds name of updater EXE file.
UpdaterTimeoutTimeout value for updater to wait for processes to die.
URLHolds full URL to configuration page.
URLHandlerExternal object that will handle resource retrieval.
UserIsAdminReturns True if current process has administrator privileges.
VersionHolds component version information.
VisibleDetermines if progress window is show while downloading.
WinVersionReturns version of Windows currently running.
CheckDoneFires when component has finished checking for new updates.
CloseAppFires when application needs to be closed.
DownloadDoneFires when component finishes downloading all files.
FileDoneFires when component finishes downloading file.
FileProgressFires during file download.
FileStartFires when component starts downloading file.
PrevDetectedFires when component detects new files from previous run.
ReplaceInConfigFires when component finds "<>" tags in config file
StateChangeFires when component changes its state.
UpdateDoneFires when updating is done.